The experts at Taste of the Vine are led by Francis, Peter and Richard. Each has a passion for their subjects (bordering on the unhealthy, some of the team think) but know that entertainment stems from engaging the audience. The last fifteen years have seen the events evolve into a highly polished blend of information, interaction and comedy.

The service

The company as a whole is passionate too. Passionate about service. This of course is highly self serving, as we realise we don't have to spend time chasing new clients if our old ones just keep coming back!

The event formats

Whether you are networking, or entertaining clients, internal teams or the press, we tailor the event format to ensure success and great feedback for you.

Where do we hold events?

Where do we do what we do? Everywhere! Wherever you take us or allow us to recommend. Click on venues for some suggestions.

What are people saying about us?

Are you new to Taste of the Vine? A few unsolicited client comments will assure you that you're in good company and our FAQ section (left) may answer your queries.

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