Taste of the Vine

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Best of British Artisan Cheese & International Wines Best of British Artisan Cheese & International Wines

What's it all about?

This fun challenge matches the finest British farmhouse cheeses with international wines. Contains all the hallmarks of a Taste of the Vine event: interaction, humour and fun.

Your guests will be given a set of skills at the outset – pointers on how to spot milk types, cheese age, and methods of production – before competing in a range of fun tasting rounds. In between rounds, Francis entertains with anecdotes, quick-fire quizzes and improvisation, as well as introducing wines to accompany.

Francis has spent over a year putting this one together; travelling the breadth of Britain to identify the finest purveyors of fermented curd. He is also starting a cheese making company with his wife Pam, but details of that to come later in the year. Google, ‘Gimblett Cheese’ for more.

External events

This format is suited to client events, networking, press launches and conferences.

Your event can be run seated, with a high level of interaction, or from stalls where the tasting is a feature of the event. Your hosts’ material will be prepared with your audience in mind, be they seasoned tasters with a thirst for information, or a group with a hunger for humour.

Internal events

The format can be tailored to suit objective-driven team building.

We start with your desired outcome and then create a structure that will assist increased communication within your group.

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