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Fine Wine Tasting Fine Wine Tasting

What's it all about?

Explore the world of fine wine with a gently interactive twist.

To create an engaging event for your guests we prepare our fine wine tastings to a theme, and often to highlight different facets of wine: be it the effect of grape variety, age, or perhaps soil on a wine.

We select wines to meet budgets, and the material we prepare is bespoke too, differing depending on your group. Our team has plenty of background knowledge and can hold audiences rapt with anecdotes, as well as entertain with humour and improvisation.

Francis and Richard host our Fine Wine Tastings. Each event draws from first-hand experience, either from having visited the wineries, or, in some cases, having worked a season there.

Each format is bespoke, but here are a few ideas:

A Taste of the Classics™: Have you a taste for Bordeaux, Burgundy or Barossa? Pick a region and we'll show you around.

Tasting the Years™: Here we compare vintages of the same château or estate.

First vs. Second: A comparison of the first and second wines of a particular château or estate.

Classics vs. Emerging Markets: A comparison of equivalent styles from classical regions and rare emerging markets.

External events

This format is suited to client events, networking, press launches and conferences.

Your event can be run seated or from stalls where the tasting is a feature of the event. Your hosts’ material and the level of information will be prepared with your audience in mind.

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