Taste of the Vine

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Sommeliers' Banquet™ Sommeliers' Banquet™

What's it all about?

This entertaining event combines a range of our tasting challenges during a meal. The emphasis is on light-hearted competition and picking up some new skills.

Wines are selected to accompany your chosen dishes and guests award each pairing a mark, based on the principles of balance, explained during the introduction. Guests also learn how to discern the age, quality and the grape variety of the selected wines, with ease, due to our unique formulas.

The evening also includes: quick-fire quizzes, an aroma detection challenge, a decanting event and a great deal of humour.

External events

This format is suited to client and conference dinners.

Your hosts’ material will be prepared with your audience in mind, be they seasoned tasters with a thirst for information or a group with a hunger for humour.

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