Taste of the Vine

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Wine Challenge Afternoon™ Wine Challenge Afternoon™

What's it all about?

A set of fast-paced, fun and interactive challenges including a combination of the following:

• Choice of interactive tasting event: Blind Tasting Challenge™ A Taste of the Future™ Wine Auction Challenge™ Wine Investment Challenge™

• Cheese challenge

• Decanting Challenge

• Whose Wine is it Anyway?

Duration: Approximately three hours.

External events

This format is suited to client events and conferences.

Your event is run seated, with a high level of interaction. Your hosts’ material will be prepared with your audience in mind, be they seasoned tasters with a thirst for information or a group with a hunger for humour.

Internal events

The format can be tailored to suit objective-driven team building.

We start with your desired outcome and then create a structure that will assist increased communication within your group.

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