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Taste of the Vine was founded in 1997 by Francis and Pam Gimblett, to stage occasions to heighten social connection though the medium of tasting. In its 26 years of operation its team of hosts have staged over 4,000 events for more than 1,500 clients.



Covid 19 changed things at Taste of the Vine. Fortunate that it was able to transfer its activities online, the company staged 420 events during lockdown. Too much wine (talking about it), too much cheese (bit of both) and too much screen time, meant that once lockdown was lifted, and live events were slow to come back, it was time for a break. 

Pam and Francis moved back to the family's farm in Sussex, where Francis took on the woodland management and Pam helped mum run the farm. There the seed for Wild Weald began to germinate. The process of writing a Woodland Management Plan for the eighty-five acres of ancient hornbeam trees (originally planted for iron smelting) introduced Francis to the rich history of the site, and the opportunity for running pre-industrial activity events in the woods.


After two years, Francis realised he missed the subjects that had gripped him since his late teens, and Taste of the Vine was re-born. Francis now hosts a limited number of tastings, live and online, dividing his time between Taste of the Vine and Wild Weald.


When you book a Taste of the Vine event, you will deal with Pam or Francis, and Francis will host.

Your Host: Francis Gimblett

1990s: Chef Training / Head Sommelier at the Grand, Brighton / Wine Chemistry / Wineries in Australia, California, Romania

1997: Founded Taste of the Vine with Pam Gimblett

2000s: Taste of the Vine performing 200+ events P.A. / Wine & Whisky Travel & Writing / Wine Course for a Winery / In and Out of Africa

2010s: Taste of the Vine events Continue / Gimblett Cheese Dairy / Gimblett's Guide to the Best of British Cheese

2020s: Taste of the Vine Online / Wild Weald / Taste of the Vine relaunched post pandemic

Your Event Manager: Pam Gimblett

After completing a degree in business and languages, Pam worked in the oil and gas industry before joining Francis to develop Taste of the Vine. Throughout the company's 26 years, she has been responsible for the logistics of all events, hosting cheese and cocktail formats, the company accounts, and being head cheesemaker at the Gimblett Cheese Dairy; all whilst never missing a beat in being mum to the couple's two children.

Friends of Taste of the Vine

Past event hosts (many of whom temporarily re-joined during the pandemic), event helpers and company contacts remain friends, and you may see them at your event. See the gallery below.


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