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Developed for Wild Wealdthis is an exploration of the Weald's very finest sparkling wines, single orchard ciders, real ales and artisan cheeses, or a combination of choice.

The tastings are run by Francis and include all the Taste of the Vine elements that guarantee interaction and entertainment, with a level of local storytelling that brings the region to life through its tastes.

Your guests will be given a set of skills at the outset – pointers on how to spot elements within the cheeses and drinks (such as: milk types, cheese age, and methods of production for cheeses; grape type, age and quality for sparkling wines, etc.) before competing in a range of tasting rounds. In between rounds, Francis will entertain with anecdotes, quick-fire quizzes, and stories from over twenty five years of presenting and making fermented food and drink.


One of Wild Weald’s projects is to revive an ancient tradition of cider making from our native apple variety. With this event guests have the chance of tasting the results of our trials. If your event is run within Wild Weald's home woodland, guests may have the opportunity to taste them beneath the trees that bore the fruit.

Suitable for: Live / Live Online / Video Packs

The images below are of a wine tasting that took place at Ashdown Park Hotel, one of Wild Weald's venue partners. Wild Weald's woodland events can also be run at either Ashdown Park or Buxted Park Hotels.


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